Retail Hell

Retail Hell

It’s all hell. All of it.

In retail, all of it is the same. Everything happens once, and then happens again. The jokes, the customers, the experiences, the challenges, they all repeat on an endless cycle of misery and vexation. The good, the bad, all of it blends together into a blur. When I look back on it, that’s all the remains, lingering like scars. And my experiences were not nearly as hellish as those of many of my comrades.

The thought exists, though, that maybe this extends beyond the metaphorical hell of which I have been speaking. What if hell actually breaks loose in a retail environment? That’s the basis of author Tanya K. Maxwell’s new upcoming series, Retail Hell, set to be released October 13, 2020. Think of the worst monsters, even worse than Karens, plaguing you as you stock your shelves and fill orders. I can’t think of much scarier than that. From the excerpts I’ve read, I am so incredibly excited to read this new series, and I just wanted to spread the word.

So, if you’re a fan of horror, keep your eyes peeled next year for Retail Hell!

-The Retail Explorer