A Fairly Satisfying Sound

A Fairly Satisfying Sound (Completed)

Such a lovely sound…

If you’ve never worked in the service industry before, this sound is meaningless. If you have worked in the service industry before, it is the sweetest, most amusing sound you’ve ever heard. What this sound is is a customer, ignoring all signage and timepieces, yanking on a locked door.

Why is it so amusing? We constantly do battle with customers who shut off their brains as soon as the leave their cars, forcing us to do EVERYTHING for them. This is not only vindication of the fact that we’re not crazy, that customers really are oblivious twits at times, but it is also the tiniest bit of revenge.

Our opening and closing times are, in a way, blissful moments, because they are the only moments when we are free from dealing with moronic customers who need to be hand-held like they’re kindergartners. It’s so taxing to have to help a capable adult person to do even the most basic of tasks. Besides that, we have shit to do to either open up for you or go home to our families and pets and booze.

And when you hear that “thunk”, you know your quiet time will be unhindered, and the customer has proven he is a fool. It’s the tiniest of victories.

-The Retail Explorer