The SKU Interview and The Retail Rant Podcast


It has been a big week in America (and we shall discuss that no further). Here at Observations in Retail, we have had a big week as well. Sean William Brown, one of the great minds behind The SKU and author of Dear Customer: Inside the World of Baristas, Upselling, and the Rules of Serving a Very Special Cup of Coffee and Wal-Mart: I Don’t Belong Here, invited us on to talk about staying creative and producing creative content while stuck in the retail world. The key is perseverance and flexibility, among other things.

And earlier this week, The Ranty Bastard invited us on to the Retail Rant Podcast to talk about customer stupidity and horrible coworkers with Laine from @sexstorewoes, and we had an absolute blast recording together. I know you will enjoy it, and hopefully, you will laugh about as hard as we all did.

Go check out the SKU Retail Routines interview here, and go check out the takeover episode of The Retail Rant podcast here, and go check out the other great blog posts and podcasts at The SKU and The Retail Rant, as well as Laine’s Sex Store Woes twitter feed. I hope you enjoy them, comrades!

.-The Retail Explorer