Not Black Thursday

Today is the day before Thanksgiving, a day which once was a national holiday. It still is, you say? Well, you do not have to venture far into the retail world to know that, well, that is just not true. More and more stores over the last few years have been allowing their Black Friday hours to encroach into Thanksgiving hours to become what many have dubbed “Black Thursday”. This year, though, there has been a movement away from this practice and back toward allowing employees to spend the holiday with their families. These retailers should not be applauded for doing what they were supposed to do in the first place. None the less, they deserve at least a little recognition if for no other reason than the fact that they belong on your list of places where you can shop with a somewhat clear conscience. Go check out The Black Friday to see which retailers are going to be getting presents from Santa Claus instead of coal.
-The Retail Explorer
P.S. The regular comic will be up in a couple of hours on here, so fret not.

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