Store and WebToon

Okay, so, I know some of you have been wondering about this, and I have great, exciting news for you. I’ve been working for the past month to get an online store up and running. It’s been quite the undertaking, but we’re finally almost there. We’ll have a storefront on Zazzle open by the start of February! Not a whole lot of offerings to start, but there’s some fun stuff there, and I’m always looking for suggestions as to what y’all might like to see/buy.

Secondly, we’ve been on Tapastic (which is available online and on an app for Android and Apple) for a few months now, and that has been pretty successful, I’d say. So, we’re going to make the jump over to Line WebToon around the same time the Zazzle shop opens up. Once we get those officially up and running, I’ll give y’all a heads-up with links to the pages. So, get excited for February, comrades!

-The Retail Explorer

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