John Mahoney 1940-2018

This one hurts. I loved his work. Especially Frasier. He was brilliant as retired-cop Martin Crane. He was the heart and soul to that show, the anchor that kept every other character grounded. His blue-collar cop was the perfect foil for his son, the white-collared Dr. Frasier Crane, noted radio psychiatrist. And that role is the one for which he will be most fondly remembered.

Always sweet and genuine, his performances felt real, no matter which shoes he wore. Both the screen and the stage are lessened as a result of his passing. He had a smile that could warm you just from the thought of it. Seriously. Think about his smile right now. If you don’t feel a little happier, you’ve got a screw loose.

Marty was always my favorite character on Frasier, behind, of course, Eddie, but he and Marty were pretty much a package deal anyway. He will live on, forever, in my warmest memories, thinking about two of the greatest sitcoms ever and how he made them better. I’m sure Duke’s got a cold one waiting for ya, Marty.

-The Retail Explorer

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