Looking Back on a Year


This year has been a remarkable experience. Every single step has been a learning experience in some way. I’ve grown as much as my characters have. All of us have come a long way. So, I think we’ll keep this train going, and see where it takes us. Sound good to y’all?

Good. Glad you’re still on board, because I really want to thank all of you for reading and sharing this comic. It means the world to me that you are all enjoying this story. I know, at times, it veers away from the retail/service industry world, but that world is made up of the people we follow. They lead their own lives separate from their work spaces. They have dreams, longings, interests. They count the hours until they can leave the store and go home to enjoy anything else. So, those stories belong in this comic just as much as anything else, in my opinion (not that anyone else actually has an opinion that this is bad or shouldn’t be in the comic; I just felt some clarity was a positive).

I decided to celebrate this today, since the comic began in late August of last year, but I wasn’t entirely sure when due to a change in website template from blog to comic. Good job, me…not. So often it has felt like one stumble forward, two steps back in making this comic. I’m still finding my legs, but there has been great progress, I think. I hope to stretch my legs a little more in Year 2 and take more risks in the art. Or I might chicken out, and stick with my comfort zone. I dunno. We’ll see what happens.

I want to say a special thank you to the girlfriend, without whose help all of this would’ve been impossible, as well as to my family and friends for their support. They are my rocks.

Anyway, thank you all so much for reading and for taking this journey with me. From all of us here at Observations in Retail, thank you, and let’s have an even better second year!

Mini-hiatus Ending

We’ve been on a mini-hiatus over the holidays. There has been much celebrating and relaxing, but the comic will return in earnest beginning tomorrow, January 4th. The shop has a move coming the following week, so I’m going to try to avoid another lull in posting frequency. I have yet to say it, so I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year. Let’s make this one better than last year, yeah? Please?


Love all of y’all. Thanks for reading and being awesome!

Hugs and kisses,

-The Retail Explorer

Not Black Thursday

Today is the day before Thanksgiving, a day which once was a national holiday. It still is, you say? Well, you do not have to venture far into the retail world to know that, well, that is just not true. More and more stores over the last few years have been allowing their Black Friday hours to encroach into Thanksgiving hours to become what many have dubbed “Black Thursday”. This year, though, there has been a movement away from this practice and back toward allowing employees to spend the holiday with their families. These retailers should not be applauded for doing what they were supposed to do in the first place. None the less, they deserve at least a little recognition if for no other reason than the fact that they belong on your list of places where you can shop with a somewhat clear conscience. Go check out The Black Friday to see which retailers are going to be getting presents from Santa Claus instead of coal.
-The Retail Explorer
P.S. The regular comic will be up in a couple of hours on here, so fret not.