Sneaking Out, Part 2

Sneaking Out Part 2

I hate it when people make me rant out loud to no one in particular early in the morning.

If you’ve never seen the word “y’all’re” before, you’re welcome. We Texans are good for a few things. Smushing words together is one of those things.

-The Retail Explorer

Up to Something


Yeah, no good can come of this.

Wait, what’s this? C-can it be? A new comic? For real? YES! WE ARE BACK! With the change in career, I’ve actually had time and energy to get back to work on a number of different projects, and holy crap, has it been wonderful! So, starting next week, we may even have TWO per week! I know! I’m excited, too! Am I yelling?! I’m sorry! I’m just excited!

-The Retail Explorer