Wandless Magic

Wandless Magic (Completed)

Magical start to a meeting that will be anything but.

Before you say it, yes, this is a Harry Potter reference. Yes, it’s an obscure Harry Potter reference. Yes, it’s a strange, random joke. No, I don’t care if anyone thinks that.

I’ve been told that I have an odd, dry sense of humor, which is probably true. But that’s what you get here, as well as in most comic strips. There is a creative maxim to which I like adhere (I don’t remember where I got this): You make the thing you want to see in the world because you like it and want to see it. In other words, make the thing that you want to make, not what others want you to make. That’s what I do here twice a week; I make the thing want to make.

-The Retail Explorer

Sneaking Out, Part 2

Sneaking Out Part 2

I hate it when people make me rant out loud to no one in particular early in the morning.

If you’ve never seen the word “y’all’re” before, you’re welcome. We Texans are good for a few things. Smushing words together is one of those things.

-The Retail Explorer