Sneaking Out, Part 2

Sneaking Out Part 2

I hate it when people make me rant out loud to no one in particular early in the morning.

If you’ve never seen the word “y’all’re” before, you’re welcome. We Texans are good for a few things. Smushing words together is one of those things.

-The Retail Explorer

8 thoughts on “Sneaking Out, Part 2

  1. So pleased you explained the Texan habit of smashing together words! Almost as bad as us Londoners dropping their “aitches” as in “ ‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello .. wat do we ‘ave ‘ere!” – Hello, hello, hello – what do we have here? 🤣

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  2. I’m from the Midwest region of the US and we do NOY say y’all. However, I am campaigning to make y’all exceptable up her in the north. So convenient. Smoosh away!

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    • Lol my Latin teacher my junior year of high school was from North Carolina, and they don’t really use “y’all” either, but she championed the hell out of it, using it in verb conjugations. “You Texans had a great idea here.” Lol


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