Throwback Thursday: Early Sketch


Ya know, I actually like this. Except for the hands. Horrible, horrible hands.

Back a couple of years ago, I started thinking about my time selling liquor and some of the dumbest things Shoppers ever said to me, and this one instantly came to mind. I am incredibly sad to say that this was not an isolated occurrence (okay, considering what data I have already gathered on the Shopper, along with recent events, perhaps it is not all that surprising to see this happen repeatedly). We really did have big, fluorescent signs hanging over every rack to tell the Shopper at what kind of alcohol they were looking, and they all too often went completely ignored/unseen. Regardless, this was the face that launched a thousand ships (so to speak, but not angry ships, like laid-back ships with daiquiris, Jimmy Buffett music, and of course, disdain for everything the Shopper does). Anyway, if you are feeling any deja-vu, that is because this comic was recycled for use in “Sundays On Safari #3: Shopper Stupidity”. Most of my early sketches like this have found their way into the webcomic in some way, or they have been set aside for use in future strips. I shall be sure to highlight those in the future when they appear in new strips.

-The Retail Explorer