Patreon and Tapastic

Big news! We’re now on Patreon! What is Patreon, you might be asking? Patreon is a wonderful website that allows you to support the creators behind the art and content that you enjoy so that they may continue to create more of that content. In exchange, you get a deeper level of access and content that you otherwise would not get anywhere else. If you choose to support the comic in some way, here is a list of the rewards you can expect:

For $1 a month, you’ll get access to my Patreon exclusive behind-the-scenes blog!

For $3 a month, you’ll get the $1 tier fun stuff, plus I’ll give you a shoutout across all my social media platforms, and I’ll even give you a follow!

For $5 a month, you’ll get everything above, plus a personal email from me thanking you for your support!

For $10 a month, you’ll get everything above, plus  I’ll send you a great google form to fill out where you can suggest a possible retail interaction!

For $25 a month, you’ll get everything above, plus I’ll sketch a cartoon version of you and send it to you in digital form!

For $50 a month, you’ll get everything above, plus I’ll put you in the comic! (WARNING: You may end up being a Shopper who says or does something weird and/or stupid, but hey, you’ll be a character in the comic!) Also, I’ll send you a signed color drawing of your comic character. (Even if the character reappears throughout the comic run, the signed drawing is a one-time thing.)

So, there are a number of options available. Give it look, and consider supporting the comic. All of your proceeds go toward operating/production costs, which include, but aren’t limited to, webhosting, art supplies, and keeping me alive to make more comics. What’s the goal? Well, if we can get enough support through Patreon, I can make this a greater priority and create more and more content for your enjoyment, while making this comic as good as it can be.

Not interested in extra content? No problem! The comic will always be free to read on here, twitter, instagram, or tapastic, which brings me to my next point: we’re now on Tapastic! What is Tapastic, you might be asking? Tapastic is a fantastic comic publishing platform that has tons of great comics published daily and delivered directly to you. What’s even better is it’s optimized for mobile viewing, so, you can get your daily dose of Dell sass right on your smart phone without any problems! Yay!

Here’s the bottom line, comrades: I LOVE making this comic, and I want to give you every opportunity to enjoy each new post, from new ways to read it to new ways for you to engage with me and with the comic. If you have any suggestions, please, let me know, and I’ll check them out. (If you select the $10 monthly option, I’ll give your suggestions considerably more weight. Just throwing that out there.) No matter what, I appreciate all feedback y’all give me. I love and appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks for reading this long post, and thanks, as always, for reading the comic!

TL:DR version: We’re now on Patreon and Tapastic, and y’all are awesome.

-The Retail Explorer

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