Jay Thomas, 1948-2017


#33 Eddie Lebec, goalie, Boston Bruins, 1987-1989

A fact about me: I’m a HUGE Cheers fan. I’ve watched all eleven seasons a number of times, though I usually stick within the first five or six seasons if I’m wanting to toss something fun on in the background. Coach was the best. He had such great comedic timing, and he had a heart of gold. Woody was a good replacement; he was a similar character, but his age and backstory allowed for the writers to move that character in a different direction while keeping the feeling the same, even though you can never replace Coach.

Anyways, I always enjoyed Jay Thomas’s character, Eddie Lebec, a lot. He was a lovable goofball, despite the fact that he ended up two-timing Carla in the end. I always thought it would be fun to get a Lebec 33 Boston Bruins jersey (even though I’m a diehard Dallas Stars fan). It’d be such an obscure reference that when someone actually got it, it would be a delightful connection.

Mr. Thomas passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer, and I felt compelled to pen this little tribute to his Cheers character. The drink Pete orders is the drink that Eddie drinks before every game, which led to this great moment between Woody, Sam, and Eddie:

Sam: Woody, get that man a club soda, no ice, two lines, and a red straw.
Woody: Is that really what you want?
Eddie: Yes, sir.
Woody: How did you know that, Sam?
Sam: He ordered it yesterday.
Woody: Well, then, I’d better hurry.

I know he was ushered off the show under not-so-great circumstances, but Eddie Lebec will always live on as a sweet, fun character we can all love (even though he was a bit of a two-timing cheater, but that’s neither here nor there). Rest in peace, Mr. Thomas.

-The Retail Explorer

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