First Round

Yes, that’s a dirty joke. I have no shame.

So, many of you may not be familiar with the drink mentioned in this comic. You see, it’s very simple; to make a 7 and 7, you…What? That’s not the recipe they were curious about? Oh, yes, of course. My bad.

The Chilton! If you haven’t been to anywhere in West Texas (and not the town of West, Texas, which is actually in East-Central Texas, which is its own thing altogether), you probably haven’t heard of this libation before. And that’s perfectly alright! Never feel bad about the regional delicacies you’ve yet to experience. It’s just another chance to broaden your horizons.

As it is with many tasty things, the origins of this cocktail are dubious and already shrouded in legend. The tale goes that it was created by a man, Dr. Chilton, at a country club in Lubbock, Texas, when he was looking for something light and citrusy. The result was the Chilton. Was this actually how it was created? Maybe. Maybe not. Who cares? It’s a lovely drink, and you should have one right now!

Anyway, the Chilton is a refreshing citrus-based vodka drink that is perfect for a hot summer day. And it’s incredibly simple to make, as well. Here’s my recipe for a top-notch Chilton:

2 oz Vodka (I use either Tito’s or Reyka, which are completely opposite in distillation and flavor profile but both make a delightful cocktail)

1.5 oz Lemon Juice (Bottled or fresh-squeezed work just fine, but as always, opt for freshly-squeezed if you can)

6 oz Soda Water (I have no preferences on this at all)

Salt the rim of a highball glass. Mix together the ingredients and stir. Garnish with a lemon slice.

Simple, simple drink that will leave you feeling relaxed and wanting more.

Unless you don’t like vodka. Or sour. Or want something sweet. You need a different drink then. This recipe will not help that. But, if you want to sample a refreshing West Texas staple, look no further than a delicious Chilton.

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