12 thoughts on “How Was I To Know?!

  1. “What do you mean you’re not open 24 hours?” … ha ha. I sent a business email late one evening as I had some time, not intending for it to be read or actioned upon until the next morning …. I was shocked to get a reply back within a few minutes! I felt really embarrassed as I was bored so got on with work but I didn’t want the other person to feel they had to be on call 24/7!

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    • I know just what you mean! I HATE it when that happens – same thing, when I am leaving someone a phone message hoping they will not get til the next day…

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  2. You never know what’s going on with someone. They could be stupid or they could be having the worst day of their lives and just totally out of it mentally. When I’m in this situation, I just think that they are having the worst day of their lives and then I’m able to help them without any resentment or anger creeping in.

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  3. Ohhhhhhhh this brings me back to my teaching days. “When is the paper due?” “It’s on the syllabus.” “When is the final exam?” “It’s on the syllabus.” grrrrrrrr

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