Real Fighter Pilot


Now, I’ll never look like a cool fighter pilot…

This question arises more often than one might think. The Shopper fails to understand the  differences in the way products are marketed to children and the way they are marketed to adults. There is an element of make believe in the leather bomber jackets that is lost on the Shoppers who frequent the shop. They also fail to notice, or understand, that we are hiding no merchandise from them. The entire concept of retail is lost in the thought processes that occur in this brief window. The sole purpose of a retail shop is to sell products. Why would any self-respecting shopkeeper hide product from potential purchasers? Whatever you do do not offer forth this logic puzzle to any Shopper who comes sniffing your way; it will temporarily melt their brains and stall them in their leaving. The poor creature has such limited cognitive abilities.

-The Retail Explorer

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