A Tie on the Doorknob

A Tie on the Doorknob (Completed)

Mike is getting lucky. Mike is getting lu-wait, Katie?! Aw, crap…

Chapter 1 concludes next week! Then we move right on into Chapter 2 with no break, seeing as we just came off of a long one. So, fret not. There will be no gap any time soon.

Also, a shameless bit of self-promotion: We have a STORE now! We’ve got all sorts of fun stuff in there, from t-shirts to can coolers to phone cases to stickers and buttons. Go browse around and see if anything blows your skirt up or floats your boat. Right now you can get 15% off when you use the code ZAZSHOPTODAY. Not a bad deal, so get it while the getting’s good!

-The Retail Explorer

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